20 Wedding Dresses under $120 [Summer 2020 edition]

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Here we are – it’s Spring 2020 – you’ve booked a beautiful venue for your wedding. You are researching vendors and tasting cakes and shopping for your dress. And of course – planning your bachelorette partay!

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But suddenly, you even don’t know if this dream wedding of yours is going to happen (thanks coronavirus!). And that bachelorette party might be happening over Zoom instead of in good ol’ Las Vegas.

At least you’re saving money? UGH.

COVID-19 has officially thrown a giant wrench in your wedding plans. Maybe you are out hundreds or even thousands of dollars if you needed to postpone your big day. Or maybe you don’t know if you should postpone it at all! But one thing is clear: Your slightly over-budget wedding is about to get a little more expensive.

With the average wedding topping out over $20,000, it’s important to keep things in perspective. Does a wedding really need to cost this much? Nope. There are plenty of other things you can do with $20,000.

And that dress you plan on wearing…only once? Can you really justify a big price tag for something you know you will only wear once? I couldn’t do it.

$90 was all I spent on my wedding dress, and I got DOZENS of compliments on it. Even my tailor couldn’t believe I had spend under $100 on such a well-made, beautiful dress (and she has seen a LOT of wedding dresses!). She said her clients who saw my dress on the rack also commented on how elegant it was.

Lulus wedding dress under $100

I wish I could have worn this dress more than once because it was also SUPER comfortable! It fit perfectly right out of the box (except for the 12″ I needed chopped off the bottom because they just don’t make heels that big and I am only 5’2″).

The best part is that, Lulus, the online store where I bought my dress, has dozens of dress styles all for very affordable prices — and free returns! So just order as many dresses as you want and return the ones that don’t work out.

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Heck, why don’t you throw in a couple bachelorette party dresses and a rehearsal dinner dress while you’re at it. In these uncertain times, shopping in stores may not be happening for a while.

Here are 20 wedding dresses under $120 (or close to it) for summer 2020:

These 20 wedding dresses under $120 are high quality, and are backed by Lulu’s amazing customer service team. So save yourself a few hours of scouring the internet and take look at the list below.



20 wedding dresses under $120 - Summer 2020 Edition

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