screen-shot-2017-01-22-at-5-54-03-pmSince Donald and I got engaged (woooo!) things have have been a little crazy. We’ve been in the car a lot, visiting family every weekend, and so we listen to a lot of podcasts.

Today we heard from Rhonda Patrick on the Joe Rogan show – she’s a big proponent of gut microbiome research, which I find incredibly interesting. We learned a lot about Broccoli Sprouts, which was much more interesting than it sounds. (see below!)

After we got home from Maine, I dove into Rhonda’s website to see what other nuggets of life-improving science she had on there. Here are 10 share-worthy takeaways from Rhonda and other scientists, with links to the science behind it all:

  1. Broccoli Sprouts for super-high levels of sulforaphane: a compound that promotes anti-ageing, anti-cancer, alzheimers prevention and anti-depression. (Tip: heat deactivates the key enzyme, so if you cook these high-sulforaphane foods, sprinkle freshly ground mustard seeds after heating to add the key enzyme back in). Broccoli Sprouts Macro

2. Sauna reduce dementia and risk of alzheimers.

3. Time Restricted Eating for weight loss. Time Restricted Eating is when you eat all your meals within a 10-12 hour time-span.

4. Hot chili peppers for longer life, add chilis + ginger for lower cancer risk.


5. Caffeine to live longer with less inflammation.

6. Exercise as an anti-inflammatory, for longevity, and better executive function.

7. Cut the sugar to reduce inflammation and cancer risk, and increase longevity.

8. Limit animal protein to reduce cardiovascular disease and decrease mortality.

9. Magneium-rich foods, such as nuts, to lower cholesterol, and reduced risk of stroke, heart disease and diabetes.

10. Foods high in Omega-3s to reduce risk of alzheimers.


I also ordered some broccoli sprouting seeds and sprout screens for mason jars to give these broccoli sprouts a try. If it works you’ll probably see a how-to spout tutorial in the next few weeks!

*UPDATE 2/3/17: Check out my sprout tutorial here.


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