Around the World in 5 Recipes

Hey everyone! I had a realization the other day: Food connects everyone: past, present, future, real, or otherwise. Food can bring the past to life, it can take you to other cultures around the world, and it even makes fictional characters a little more life-like! A recipe can transport you to Read more…

By riseandbrine, ago

Learning to Love Mezcal

Mezcal is a rich, smoky, pungent liquor. Similar to Tequila, but smoked – to me it tastes like to Scotch. Both tequila and mezcal are made from the Agave plant, but the process for making each is a little bit different, resulting in much different flavors. I never liked mezcal Read more…

By riseandbrine, ago

No Crackers. No Problem.

I’ve had some bad luck making crackers… CRACKERS, of all things. Too soggy, too burnt, too spicy — you name it and I’ve screwed it up… in cracker-form. BUT tonight, I broke the cracker-curse. I found a very forgiving & simple recipe for crisp and tasty – not to mention QUICK – Read more…

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