Even if you started off the day with the best of intentions, after a long day at work, it is very easy for all this to go out the window and you resort to ordering take-out or going to a restaurant again. However, with a little bit better planning, you can help to reverse this trend and up your meal prep motivation once again. This article is here to show you how with 4 simple meal planning tips. Once you get into a good rhythm, you may end up being surprised by just how much time and money you can save.

Meal Planning Tiips

Start Out with a Plan

First and foremost, you need to decide what you are going to cook & eat over the course of the week. Try to choose a combination of meals which are simple to prepare and ones which are going to take a little bit extra time and energy. If you are going to have a take-out night, this should go into the schedule as well. Once you have created this plan, you can then start writing out a grocery list. This way, when you are at the store, you will be less tempted to make impulse purchases of things that you don’t need and are likely to go to waste.


Search for Shortcuts

There is bound to be a shortcut or two that you can take advantage of – you just need to think about what they are. First of all, you can look to order ingredients such as fresh seafood, or halal lamb online. You can also buy items which take out some of the prep work such as pre-cut fruits and vegetables and rotisserie chicken if you’re short on time and don’t mind spending a few extra dollars.


Invest in Food Storage Containers

Invest in the right food storage containers and you can create big meals that you can enjoy later in the week. Choose some BPA-free containers that won’t melt in the microwave or dishwasher, or opt for an all glass set. I also sprung for these silicone reusable baggies, which are completely airtight and prevent freezer burn much better than regular bags. 


Remember Why You Are Doing This

When you start to become demotivated or find yourself returning to your old ways of ordering take-out meals on a regular basis, take the time to remember why you are doing this in the first place. It could be that you are trying to eat healthier, improve your cooking skills, or simply save money. Keep your eyes on the prize and this will help you to maintain your motivation levels when you feel them starting to slip.

When it comes to preparing your meals, you are much more likely to stick to the task in hand if you have a clear plan of action. So, at the start of every week, work out what you are going to be eating in the days ahead. Soon, it will become a habit that you actually enjoy too!


Meal Planning Tips

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