Ok, so I normally I write about recipes or travel, but this is another insider tip that I HAD to share with the world: Here’s where I found the BEST wedding dresses under $100.

Every bride should know that you don’t need to dip deep into your savings (or your parents’ retirement funds!) for a gorgeous, high quality wedding dress, or a gorgeous, high quality wedding, for that matter. If you want to skip right to the big list of buyable wedding dresses under $100 – scroll down to the bottom!

Congratulations! You’re Engaged. Now about that Wedding Dress…

It’s December and that means a lot of newly engaged couples are starting shop around for that PERFECT dress. You never know when it will strike, so you’re looking everywhere – and gasping at the price tags.

One year ago, I was newly engaged! And starting my search for THE DRESS. I know the feeling of searching for that PERFECT wedding dress: browsing online endlessly … scrolling through Pinterest for hundreds of hours (not kidding)…and worrying that I’d need to repeat this process for bridesmaid dresses AND a rehearsal dinner dress! AND blow through all my savings in the process.

Donald and I, just engaged:

Lulus wedding dress under $100

It was a bit overwhelming to say the least. Not to mention ferociously EXPENSIVE! This was all very stressful, especially with a short, 6 months engagement! Too many dresses and not enough time.

THEN I discovered Lulus.com 

Lulus.com has gorgeous, high quality dresses at great prices – and not just wedding dresses! Most come in a variety of colors – including white! But you can also find bridesmaid dresses, and rehearsal dinner dresses (or just-for-fun dresses!). Plus, their customer service is spot-on: Brides need a support network, and Lulu’s will have your back.

In the end, all the dresses in my wedding cost less than $100 each, and LOOKED like I had spent a fortune on them. Particularly, my wedding dress (which is the way it should be, amiright? 😉 ).

Lulus wedding dress under $100

Here’s How I Only Tried on ONE Wedding Dress – and LOVED it!

The truth is, my wedding dress was the first and only dress I tried on. It was perfect: comfortable, flattering, subtly unique, I could wear a regular bra with it, and it only cost $89. I LOVED it. Actually, I still love it, but unfortunately you only wear your wedding dress once! Bummer.

Of course I loved it so much I yelled to my then-fiancé/now-husband to come check it out … which is apparently a no-no in wedding lore. Whoops!

I wouldn’t have had such luck if I didn’t do my research ahead of time, surfing the web for hours and hours, and defining exactly what I was looking for. After all my surfing I wound up with three criteria:

  1. Good fit: Comfortable + Flattering
  2. Wear a regular or racerback bra
  3. Subtly Unique <– this is the “I’ll know it when I see it” kind of feeling

My wedding dress came from Lulu’s, as did my rehearsal dinner dress. These are my two FAVORITE dresses in the whole world …and I have a LOT of dresses.  They are practical and comfortable and glamorous, but still very “me”.



And this is one of the best things about Lulus.com – they have something for everyone. There are loads of cuts, colors, textures, and styles on their site. Everything is affordable and well-made, and backed by stellar customer service, which is a major selling point for me.

When I brought my dress to the tailor (for hemming, I’m only 5’2″) the seamstress gushed over the dress: it was well made, it was beautiful (and when I told her it was only $80 she nearly fainted!).

Later, when I went to pick up the dress, my tailor had a rack FULL of wedding dresses that had been altered.  She said customers and employees had been pulling my dress out of the bunch, commenting on how gorgeous it was.

Tailors see it all: the good, the bad, the hideous … so this really solidified my love of Lulu’s.  <3

Lulus wedding dress under $100

Top 25 Lulu’s Wedding Dresses Under $100:

Lulus.com is constantly switching up their inventory to stay ahead of trends, so I’ve picked my favorite 25 wedding dresses here that are currently available on the site.


Lulu’s is also giving my readers a special 15% off code, PLUS free shipping on any order over $150. Just shop Lulu’s and use the code “take15” at checkout. Yaay free money!


Keep in mind these wedding dresses under $100 are only a TINY FRACTION of what they have, so by all means, dive in and shop around. My dress was called “The Storyteller”  but it’s no longer available on the site.

Though I’m 1000% sure that I would have bought the Forever and Always Dress on this list if it had been available!


 **Edit: After just a few weeks Lulu's is now selling even more dresses fit for a wedding!  Here are the latest available styles:

After you find THE DRESS, it's time to pick out your ring, bridal party dresses, and rehearsal dinner dress. Check out this post with the BEST alternative wedding rings and this post about how to plan the rest of your budget-friendly wedding. Time to get shopping!


Dont forget about the LuLus.com 15%-OFF and FREE shipping on orders over $150.

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Vox · December 14, 2017 at 4:36 am

I love your choices. I am non conventional, so I made my own hi lo wedding dress for less than $300, but I knew that I didn’t want what everyone else could buy, but if I hadn’t, I probably would have picked one like one of these and altered it. Thanks for sharing some non traditional choices. 😀

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