Blind Beer Tasting: 14 IPAs in 45 minutes

A few months ago, Don and I had a great idea: A Big IPA Blind Tasting! Could we identify our favorite big IPAs in a blind tasting? How much of the draw is the brand and the scarcity? Is the liquid really as good as we think it is? After a birthday vacation to Burlington… Continue reading Blind Beer Tasting: 14 IPAs in 45 minutes


6 Feats of Culinary Wizardry using a Blender

Think a blender is just for smoothies? Think again! My shiny Oster blender is my preferred unit of kitchen gadgetry -- Partially because I just love my simple, 2-speed, high-powered blender...and partially because it's really my only major kitchen gadget beyond a coffee grinder*. We've been through a lot together. I don't even own a… Continue reading 6 Feats of Culinary Wizardry using a Blender


Spent Grain Dark Chocolate Fudge Brownies

One of the great tragedies of brewing beer is how much grain gets tossed after the brewing process. Pounds and pounds of perfectly good grains need to go in the compost. I always try to freeze some for future recipes or kitchen experiments, as well as whip up some spent-grain-something the day of the brew,… Continue reading Spent Grain Dark Chocolate Fudge Brownies

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Homebrew: American Farmouse Ale

I've been homebrewing for about three years now and every time I brew I learn something new. Donald also homebrews and sometimes we have different ideas about the best process and ingredients.  To mitigate the inevitable opposing opinions, we switch off who is the Master brewer and who is the assistant. The master brewer calls… Continue reading Homebrew: American Farmouse Ale


Mini Kimchi Tuna Melts

Yesterday was Sunday - an especially lazy Sunday - and we are watching golf in our 4pm (don't judge). Dinner was still 2 hours away, and my egg burrito brunch burned off hours ago. I'm hungry. Donald is hungry (...maybe even hangry). And we are both being lazy. We've hit the classic Sunday snacktime… Continue reading Mini Kimchi Tuna Melts


Sour Dough Bread – Starter

A while ago I was given a sour dough starter and was told to keep it in the fridge and feed it once a week. As someone who runs a pretty tight ship when it comes to the fridge I thought “no problem” This thing was going to live forever. That lasted about a 2… Continue reading Sour Dough Bread – Starter



Have you ever been struck by a crazy chocolate craving? Not a regular, sane chocolate craving, but a debilitating, psychopathic chocolate craving? I know I have. The cure? Make these easy truffles and keep a batch on hand for just such an occasion. Easy Dark Chocolate Truffles 3 Tbsp butter 1 C. Chocolate Chips 4… Continue reading Truffles



I’m just going to gush about eggs for a minute. Eggs are amazing. They are a low-cost source of good proteins, are low-calorie, and a delicious vehicle for hot sauce. They keep you full for a long time, come in convenient single-serving packets, and keep for a while in the fridge. And did I mention… Continue reading Eggs



Cheese holds a special place in my heart. I love all kinds of cheese - the stinkier, the better. So when I learned how easy it was to make ricotta cheese I couldn't wait to give it a try! I don't love store-bought ricotta, it tends to be dry and bland, but homemade ricotta is… Continue reading Ricotta