The Pacific Northwest! My Top 5 List

Wow! Nine days in the pacific northwest just isn't enough time to do everything! Every beautiful hike / every brewery (and cidery!) / every swanky hipster restaurant ... There is just too much fun stuff out there. The only drawback about the northwest is that people drive under the speed limit, which - to a… Continue reading The Pacific Northwest! My Top 5 List

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Travel Fashion // Look Like a Local

This is going to sound really lame, but one of my favorite aspects of traveling is packing*. Packing?!  ... Yeah. I'm not talking about physically stuffing my belongings into a suitcase. I'm talking about  understanding a foreign culture in terms of its unique sense of style. Then using this knowledge to curate a micro-wardrobe, so… Continue reading Travel Fashion // Look Like a Local


Attempted Mozzerella

A couple weeks ago I tried making homemade mozzarella. Niki made it sound so easy on the Serious Eats blog!  I bought the citric acid and the rennet on amazon, got the non-UHT whole milk, I was ready to go.   Maybe I'm just bad at following directions, but when I tried to make the… Continue reading Attempted Mozzerella



A Michelada (pronounced meech-ehl-ah-dah) might be one of the most underrated cocktails ever created. I'm hestiant to even call it a cocktail  -- It's easy to make, and even easier to drink -- You basically can't mess it up and it always tastes great. Like in-a-hammock-on-a-beach-wearing-a-sombrero great.  It's GREAT. If you haven't experienced THE GREATEST… Continue reading Micheladas!


Summer B-Words in Newport, RI

Summer is FINALLY here. After 6 months of the dreary, anti-climactic Massachusetts winter, it's the greatest feeling to lay in the warm sun and ditch the heavy winter coats (..nothing against a good coat!).  Summer means BBQs, beers (and ciders!) on the beach, bonfires, boats and plenty of other b-words and non-b-words that all point… Continue reading Summer B-Words in Newport, RI