Azores Part 1: Getting Around

Sao Miguel, The AzoresDownload my new book, Sao Miguel, the Azores: A Traveler’s Guide for the complete guide to the Azores, including more about what to wear, hiking and swimming, Azores eats, and getting around.

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Now back to the Azores….

The Azores are an unbelievably beautiful set of 9 volcanic islands in the mid-Atlantic. Donald and I only visited Sao Miguel on this trip – the biggest island (still less than 100 miles across!). Even though we spent over a week on this one island, we never ran out of things to do, most of which were free!. Here’s a general itinerary of our adventures and recommendations in 4 posts: (1)Getting around, (2)Hiking + Swimming, (3)Azorean Eats, and (4)What to Wear in the Azores.


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4 thoughts on “Azores Part 1: Getting Around

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  2. Thank you so much for your tips and pictures! My husband and I live in the Boston area,and are celebrating our 25th anniversary to Sao Miguel in the beginning of October.


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