Azores Part 4: What to wear in the Azores

Sao Miguel, The Azores

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Now back to the Azores….

Locals on Sao Miguel seemed very western in their styles – the clothing choices reminded me of what you might find in any small U.S. city. When packing for the Azores, your priority should really be packing right, and packing light.


The wardrobe set pictured above is very close to what I actually ended up bringing and wearing for 9 days on Sao Miguel Island in mid-October. The best part? It all easily fit into a carry-on bag, with lots of room to spare. Here is my packing list:

After carefully editing my suitcase many, many times before we left for the Azores, I was shocked that I still did not use a lot of what I had packed. It served as a nice reminder that you’ll tend to just wear your favorite clothes, and the rest is just dead-weight that you chose to escort around the world. For more on packing right and light, check out this awesome blog by Travel Fashion Girl, with packing lists for cities all over the world.

A few things I packed and did not wear:

  • Sperry Topsidersimg_2264
  • Linen Dress
  • Two other t-shirts
  • Black long sleeve blouse
  • Gray Sweater
  • Green button-down shirt
  • Nice Blazer-Jacket

For our next trip, my goal is to pack even lighter and actually end up wearing everything I bring …. which means its time for Donald and I to plan our next adventure! Iceland? Ireland? Croatia? Peru? Stay tuned.

To learn more about Azorean fashion and traveling around Sao Miguel, check out my complete Traveler’s Guide to Sao Miguel, The Azores HERE.

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