New Books: The Azores Travel Guide …& my Master’s Thesis

Hey Everyone! You might have noticed that I added a BOOKS section to Rise & Brine. This is where you’ll find my two new ebooks [and all my future ebooks!].

Ebooks are a great way to find and access all the relevant information on a topic in one convenient place.

My Azores traveler’s guide, below, is currently selling on Amazon as an ebook, but you can read it (and thousands of other books) for F-R-E-E with a free trial of Kindle Unlimited. Β Click HERE for a 30-Day Free Trial of Amazon Kindle Unlimited

Food JournalSao Miguel, The Azores: A Traveler’s Guide

There was a lot of interest in my Azores posts on Rise & Brine, plus there was so much more that I hadn’t written about, so I put together this ebook with Traveler’s Tips, more photos, and a complete guide to the island of Sao Miguel in the Azores. After nine days on the island, Donald and I had a pretty good grasp of the basic “tourist experience” of the island, and this ebook is filled with recommendations about the great things we did – and things we would have done differently.

I hope to write more travel guides soon as we explore new places. Next up, Hawaii!

Download Sao Miguel, The Azores: A Traveler’s Guide HERE.

Soa Miguel, The Azores

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 7.15.01 PMTechnological literacy in the Intergenerational Workplace

If you’re confused by this one, you’re probably not alone. This is my master’s thesis, published in book-form. This academic research looks at how digital natives and digital immigrants work together in the modern workplace and investigates the impact of technological literacy gaps. Β The findings were very interesting! Download HERE.



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