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Moroccan Pork Tagine Stew + Spices

Spices are my favorite – especially when it comes to learning about the spices and their origins.  Food cultures all over the world are defined by the ingredients and spices available in each area. Overtime, availability changes due to trade, travel, politics, or technology! It’s all super interesting (and long, […]

HMart: Adventures in a Korean Grocery Store

This past Sunday Donald and I went to one of my favorite places in the city: HMart!  This huge Korean grocery store is right in the middle of Central Square in Boston (by MIT).  We walked there from our apartment in about 40 minutes – But once you’re inside the […]

Kimchi: Korean spicy pickled cabbage recipe

A little over two years ago, Donald introduced me to Kimchi. It’s a Korean staple food, but I hadn’t really given it a shot.  He told me about how he had tried to make it and failed, so naturally, I accepted the challenge and set out to make my own […]

I Love Lamb

I’m not much of a meat-eater. In fact, for half my life I’ve been an on-and-off vegetarian, but there are three meats I always have a hard time giving up when I go veg: Hamburgers, Chicken wings, and Lamb shanks. Every few months I splurge on a good lamb shank […]

6 Feats of Culinary Wizardry using a Blender

Think a blender is just for smoothies? Think again! My shiny Oster blender is my preferred unit of kitchen gadgetry — Partially because I just love my simple, 2-speed, high-powered blender…and partially because it’s really my only major kitchen gadget beyond a coffee grinder*. We’ve been through a lot together. […]