10 Head-turning Alternative Wedding Rings + Engagement Rings

While a traditional giant diamond engagement ring is still a classic symbol of love these days, lots of people – including me – are opting for a ring that is a little more practical and personal. Enter, the alternative wedding ring (or engagement ring). This ring is a symbol of your eternal love for your partner and it should be as unique as your relationship.

There are lots of alternative wedding rings out there, but the perfect, head-turning ring can be hard to find.

Why an alternative wedding ring?

Having a big sparkly diamond set in a sharp metal setting just wasn’t for me. I knew I’d inevitably scratch myself with it daily, lose the diamond (or my finger) when it got caught on something, scrape up the precious metal, and become a major theft target while traveling. White gold is so pretty, but the maintenance that comes with it is a little too demanding. The ring needed low-profile, non-tarnishing, with a smooth surface, that could withstand the beating I knew I would put it through.

10 Head-turning Alternative Wedding Rings:

Over the past 10 months, I’ve gotten engaged, and married… and pinned hundreds of rings while I searched for that perfect alternative wedding ring and engagement ring.

To save you the trouble of combing through hundreds (…maybe thousands..) of sites and Etsy stores, here’s a list of the top 10 head-turning alternative wedding rings:

1. Raw blue diamond ring • Etsy [LINK]


2. Double Band with diamond • mywedding [LINK]


3. Princess cut diamond band • satomikawakita [LINK]


4. Turquoise inlay band • Etsy [LINK]


5. Hammered Gold with diamonds • Melissa Tyson Designs [LINK]


6. Pink diamond band • Garden of the Sun [LINK]


7. Gold ring with Turquoise and Diamonds • Mociun [LINK]


8. Raw Diamonds inlaid • Yoko Matsumura [LINK]


9. Two small hidden diamonds • St. Kilda Jewelry  [LINK]


10. Raw gold diamond ring • La Garçonne [LINK]

11. (Bonus Ring) Rose Gold Hammered Ring • Amazon [LINK]


Ultimately, I gave these “hints” to my future fiancé/husband, and he had the perfect engagement ring custom-made at a jeweler down the street from our apartment. 


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Happy ring shopping!


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