Your Azores Guide: Europe’s Best Kept Secret

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The Azores are a small archipelago of 9 Portuguese islands about 2 hours from Lisbon, in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. SATA/Azores Air (they’re the same airline) flies direct, from Boston to Ponta Delgata – the capital city.  In only 4.5 hours, you could be sitting on a black sand beach, sipping cheap Portuguese wine, watching a beautiful sunset over the Atlantic. (All without breaking the bank!). This Azores Guide will show you the way.

A little over a year ago, Donald and I hopped on a quick flight to the Azores. We had the time of our lives: hiking, swimming, dipping in hot springs, and exploring the hydrangea-covered islands. On this trip, we only stayed on Sao Miguel – the main island – but it’s beauty rivals Hawaii’s! The Azores are called the “Hawaii of Europe” and it definitely lives up to that name.

Speaking of Hawaii, Donald and I just got back from our honeymoon in Hawaii, but the Azores would be an equally amazing place to have your honeymoon, and would probably cost about half as much.

Discover The Azores from $849

With seemingly infinite options of activities spread across 9 separate islands, the Azores is a non-stop adventure! (my favorite kind) .. but if you don’t have a plan in place before you go, the options may slip away from you while you’re there, since some activities require reservations and can be tricky to book at the last-minute. I’ve found the best way to make sure you experience it all is to book a tour in advance. Azores Getaways is an amazing tour service specializing in authentically Azorean experiences, and Intrepid Travel includes a few well-planned Azorean adventures on their website. Many packages include air, hotels, and activities, and can actually save you about 20% on the a-la-carte costs of the same vacation. Azores Getaways has tons of pre-packaged options for these islands, so there is something for everyone, from the beach bum, to the adrenaline junkie, to the family excursion.

Your Azores Guide: Europe's Best Kept Secret |

So why don’t more American’s know about this amazing paradise full of friendly people, great food, amazing views and cheap beer?

Until recently, it was difficult to get to the Azores from the United States, but after SATA began flying directly between Boston and the Azores in March 2016, it’s easier than ever to get there. During the “off season” it’s very rainy, which would put a damper on your beach dreams. Book your vacation May-October to get the best weather!

Your Azores Guide: Europe's Best Kept Secret |

This four-part Azores Guide outlines everything you need to know about Europe’s best kept secret, and gives personal tips and recommendations to make your travels go smoothly.  The guide is broken into four chapters: Getting Around / Hiking & Swimming / What to Eat in the Azores / What to Wear in the Azores .

The Azores Guide

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You can navigate between all the chapters at the beginning and end of each post. And when it’s time to boo, head over to Azores Getaways to craft your perfect Azorean escape.

Happy Travels!

Your Azores Guide: Europe's Best Kept Secret | Your Azores Guide: Europe's Best Kept Secret |


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