The Elusive Sky Juice Cocktail Recipe

If you've never been to the Bahamas, there's a chance you've never heard of this drink.  Sky Juice - as it is locally known by the bahamians - is so good you might never reach for vodka soda ever again. (Or at least not until bikini season... lets' be honest...) Even then, nothing goes better … Continue reading The Elusive Sky Juice Cocktail Recipe

Azores Part 4: What to wear in the Azores

If I had to summarize Azorean style in one word, it would be "practical".  The locals  seemed to follow the practical-trend, probably because there is so much fun stuff to do, there just isn't time to fuss over styles or trends.  Locals on Sao Miguel seemed very western in their styles - the clothing choices … Continue reading Azores Part 4: What to wear in the Azores

Azores part 3: What to eat in the Azores

These coffee cups on our flight really say it all. There are infinite adventures in the Azores, and that includes the local food scene on Sao Miguel. I always think the best way to learn about a culture is through the local food. Recipes - techniques and flavors - are one of those traditions that … Continue reading Azores part 3: What to eat in the Azores

Azores part 2: Hiking + Swimming

Welcome to part 2 of 4 of our Azores adventures. HIKING in the Azores This is an island for frugal people like me! Most of the fun stuff - like hiking and swimming - is completely free.  The island is set up for exploring - be sure to pack your adventure shoes! First, some vocabulary: … Continue reading Azores part 2: Hiking + Swimming

Azores part 1: Getting Around

The Azores are an unbelievably beautiful set of 9 volcanic islands in the mid-Atlantic. Donald and I only visited Sao Miguel on this trip - the biggest island (still less than 100 miles across!). Even though we spent over a week on this one island, we never ran out of things to do, most of … Continue reading Azores part 1: Getting Around

Packing for the Azores

Summer flew by and I was completely MIA. Now that the cooler, rainier weather is back, you'll be seeing more of me around here. You'll recall from my PNW packing post that I do quite a bit of research before packing for vacation. Donald and I are now getting ready for 9 days in the … Continue reading Packing for the Azores

Tent Life: the joys of island camping

Washburns Island in Waquoit Bay (Falmouth, Cape Cod) is one of my favorite secret hangouts. Accessible only by private boat, this island is uninhabited, except for 10 campsites and a park ranger. Amenities are few, as are rules. Each site has firepits with a grill top, and 2 solar composting toilets (glorified outhouses). And the … Continue reading Tent Life: the joys of island camping

The Pacific Northwest! My Top 5 List

Wow! Nine days in the pacific northwest just isn't enough time to do everything! Every beautiful hike / every brewery (and cidery!) / every swanky hipster restaurant ... There is just too much fun stuff out there. The only drawback about the northwest is that people drive under the speed limit, which - to a … Continue reading The Pacific Northwest! My Top 5 List

Travel Fashion // Look Like a Local

This is going to sound really lame, but one of my favorite aspects of traveling is packing*. Packing?!  ... Yeah. I'm not talking about physically stuffing my belongings into a suitcase. I'm talking about  understanding a foreign culture in terms of its unique sense of style. Then using this knowledge to curate a micro-wardrobe, so … Continue reading Travel Fashion // Look Like a Local

Summer B-Words in Newport, RI

Summer is FINALLY here. After 6 months of the dreary, anti-climactic Massachusetts winter, it's the greatest feeling to lay in the warm sun and ditch the heavy winter coats (..nothing against a good coat!).  Summer means BBQs, beers (and ciders!) on the beach, bonfires, boats and plenty of other b-words and non-b-words that all point … Continue reading Summer B-Words in Newport, RI