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The Elusive Sky Juice Cocktail Recipe

If you've never been to the Bahamas, there's a chance you've never heard of this drink.  Sky Juice - as it is locally known by the bahamians - is so good you might never reach for vodka soda ever again. (Or at least not until bikini season... lets' be honest...) Even then, nothing goes better… Continue reading The Elusive Sky Juice Cocktail Recipe

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Azores part 3: What to eat in the Azores

These coffee cups on our flight really say it all. There are infinite adventures in the Azores, and that includes the local food scene on Sao Miguel. I always think the best way to learn about a culture is through the local food. Recipes - techniques and flavors - are one of those traditions that… Continue reading Azores part 3: What to eat in the Azores

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Homebrew: American Farmouse Ale

I've been homebrewing for about three years now and every time I brew I learn something new. Donald also homebrews and sometimes we have different ideas about the best process and ingredients.  To mitigate the inevitable opposing opinions, we switch off who is the Master brewer and who is the assistant. The master brewer calls… Continue reading Homebrew: American Farmouse Ale

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Hola! Welcome to my blog. If you end up reading it you’ll learn all about my kitchen antics and cocktail whims, wild ideas about mindful living and DIYing my life, and probably some tangents about being a millennial in the great city of Boston. A little about who I am: I’ll try to keep my… Continue reading Welcome!