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Packing for Hawaii

As we get ready for our Honeymoon to Kauai and Maui, the travel bug is really kicking in.  It's been a while since we really got lost and explored a new corner of the world and it's beyond time to get back out there. It's going to be difficult to beat our Azores adventure last… Continue reading Packing for Hawaii

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Azores Part 4: What to wear in the Azores

If I had to summarize Azorean style in one word, it would be "practical".  The locals  seemed to follow the practical-trend, probably because there is so much fun stuff to do, there just isn't time to fuss over styles or trends.  Locals on Sao Miguel seemed very western in their styles - the clothing choices… Continue reading Azores Part 4: What to wear in the Azores

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Travel Fashion // Look Like a Local

This is going to sound really lame, but one of my favorite aspects of traveling is packing*. Packing?!  ... Yeah. I'm not talking about physically stuffing my belongings into a suitcase. I'm talking about  understanding a foreign culture in terms of its unique sense of style. Then using this knowledge to curate a micro-wardrobe, so… Continue reading Travel Fashion // Look Like a Local