For some, a holiday means relaxation. Lying on a beach, cocktail in one hand and a trashy novel in another. However for others, this sounds like the definition of dull. If you’re an active person, always on the go- you’ll want a trip that suits you. Whether it’s exploring places off the beaten track, seeking thrills, climbing mountains or partying the night away, for some of us it’s all about fun and adventure. So what kinds of plans should you make if you don’t want to spend a week or two just topping up your tan? Here’s how to take your vacation to the next level.


1. Visit a Theme Park

Places like Tokyo, Paris, and Orlando are full of theme parks and tourist attractions- you’ll spend your days rushing from one ride to the next with lengthy walks around enormous parks. Plenty of thrills and white knuckle experiences from roller coasters to water slides. If you’re looking for more to do, why not book a food tour? There’s over eleven miles of International Drive in Orlando to enjoy. It’s the type of vacation that will keep you on your feet, and are too busy fitting in activities to sit around relaxing!


2. Book an Outdoor Adventure

If you enjoy walking and hiking, why not visit a national park and enjoy pure and unspoiled surroundings? These parks are dotted around in most countries in the world, and so the weather, terrain and views will of course depend on the country and park you choose to visit.

You can go biking, bird watching, orienteering, rafting and much more – and there are often guides you can hire to take you on these adventures if you don’t know where to start. Companies like ClimbThatRock offer climbing adventures – perfect if you climb for a hobby or even if it’s just something you want to try. If you want to go on one of these  adventures, it’s worth putting in some time at the gym first – that way you will be feeling as fit as possible, and best able to enjoy it.

How to take your vacation to the next level

3. Get VIP Access

Being active on holiday doesn’t necessarily have to mean using every ounce of energy you have. Instead it can mean being up on your feet, walking around and enjoying the views with a local or insider as a guide. some guides can get you behind the scenes and into How about exploring the ancient ruins of Rome, of Egypt, or Jordan? With a guided tour you’ll learn plenty and possibly be granted access to areas that are off limits to the public. 


4. Live with Locals

If you’re visiting an area with a unique culture, you may be able to book a tour that will immerse you into the new culture and let you live in the traditional way for a little while.  Africa, Mongolia, and Indonesia are exciting destinations where you can immerse yourself in the local culture, learn to cook local dishes and take you far outside of your comfort zone.

How to take your vacation to the next level


5. Stay Somewhere Out of the Ordinary

When you travel you’ll need to book accommodations anywhere, so why not stay somewhere out of the ordinary? All across the world, you can book castles, yurts, safari lodges, interesting AirBnB options, or funky hostels, like this book hotel in Japan. Just do a little extra research and skip the boring hotel. You’ll find some truly amazing places and people when you stay off the beaten path.

How To Take your Vacation to the Next Level

Active adventurers, which of these sounds like your dream getaway? How will you take your next vacation to the next level?


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How To Take your Vacation to the Next Level |


How To Take your Vacation to the Next Level |

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