There’s a reason why millions upon millions of people visit New York City each year. There, you can do anything and everything, all with a backdrop of one of the most iconic views in the world. And if you’re going with a bunch of your friends, then, well, it’s only going to be even better. But like any other group trip, this one needs organizing! Below, we outline five tips for planning a trip with friends to New York City.


Think of Your Crew

You all might be friends, but it’s unlikely that all of your interests – and requirements – are going to sync up perfectly. As such, when it comes to planning, it’s important that you think of the needs of everyone who will be traveling with you. For example, is one of your friends a vegan? Then going to one of New York’s famous steakhouses might not be the most thoughtful of ideas. There are enough great things to do in New York, so whatever the limitations are, you’re still going to have a great time.


Finding Accommodations

You’re going to be spending a few days exploring the sights and attractions of the Big Apple on foot; and you’re going to need somewhere comfortable to stay after you’ve finished exploring! As such, accommodation will be a priority. You could all check into a hotel near Times Square, but dependng how big your crew is, you’re all going to be split up in smaller rooms, and pay quite a bit for the hotel. An alternative is to look for accommodation further away from the crowds, and you might consider an AirBnB that has a few bedrooms. The rooms will be bigger, the cost will be lower, so you might be able to all stay under the same roof.


Make it Special

A trip to New York is always special, but if you’re going to put the time in organizing the trip and getting there, you may as well make sure it’s extra special for you and your friends. Look at getting tickets to a theatre show, or to a TV taping. You could travel around the city with a party bus rental from Bergen Limo, or take a cruise on a boat along the Hudson River, or the ferry to Staten Island, which may sell the cheapest beer in the city. There are a million and one ways to make your trip to the city extra special!


Some Downtime

New York City is the city that never sleeps, but that doesn’t mean you have to be rushing around all night and day. You’ll burn out in no time! Make sure you’re scheduling some downtime for you and your friends. A simple afternoon picnic in Central Park is a fun and relaxing way to restore all that energy you’ve burned up!


Free Time

And as well as downtime, make sure you give everyone a chance to do their own thing when you’re planning a trip with friends to New York City. New York caters for many interests, some of them are super niche – there is something for everyone, literally. It would be a shame for one of your group to miss out on something they’d enjoy because no one else wants to go.

Big Apple, here we come!


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