What’s better than relaxing on a beach, hitting the slopes, finding adventure, or partying in style? Doing all of the above with your friends of course! Here are five fun-filled trips to take with friends that may be perfectly suited for you and your crew.

1. Winter Break

Skiing, warm fires, snow and champagne, who could ask for more? A winter seasonal rental house could be the perfect thing for you and your squad. Think of drinking hot chocolate by a roaring fire – with a little something extra in there of course. Your own chalet on the side of the slopes. 

Iceland, Utah, Colorado, Norway, Austria, or Canada all offer a snowy paradise with plenty of extra activities to add to your list of things to do.

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2. A Dose of Sun

If the snow isn’t for you then why not head to the south. There are some amazing beaches within the states, and beyond. For something vastly different but still in the states, Hawaii offers loads of adventure, tropical landscapes, and warm water year round.  The Caribbean or central America is also just a short plane ride away, with vibrant cultures and fantastic cuisines.

Fancy a further destination? Head to Europe and the beaches of Italy and Spain. The island of Madeira offers sand and stone beaches, with a fantastic capital city full of shopping and spas, and boasts natural hot springs under the volcano, similar to the Azores, which is only a 4.5 hour direct flight from Boston. Easily a perfect getaway.

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3. Cruising

A cruise around the Caribbean is a simple and affordable way to plan a getaway with friends. Live it up on the ship, with black tie nights and multiple five-star restaurants, and unlimited drinks – It’s basically an all-inclusive vacation!  Enjoy days exploring the Caribbean islands, the Bahamas, Cuba, or take a trip down the coast of Mexico and South America. If you’re feeling truly adventurous, you can fly to Europe or Africa and cruise around the islands or rivers across the pond.

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4. Road trip

Rather than flying or sailing anywhere, why not gather your friends and hop in a car to travel the continent? You can plan ahead, or just see where the road takes you. Don’t forget to take advantage of car-ferries while on a road trip. They are all over the coast, and you can explore some hidden islands, like Orca’s Island in the Pacific North West, or take a ferry from Portland, Maine to Nova Scotia. 

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, fly to Iceland to drive along the famous ring road – you can even take a ferry from Iceland to Denmark where you can continue the journey into Europe!

Trips to Take with Friends | riseandbrine.com

5. Las Vegas

There is something about the city of lights that brings out the best in some people. The energy, the non-stop activities, the lack of an open-container law, just all works together to create a high vibe experience for you and all your best buds. If you do head to Vegas, get there after April1, when the pools open and the weather gets a little nicer. It’s a fun, non-stop, sunny getaway when spring is taking just a little too long to make an appearance.

Have you taken any trips with friends? Where did you go? What tips do you have?

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