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Hey everyone! I had a realization the other day: Food connects everyone: past, present, future, real, or otherwise.

Food can bring the past to life, it can take you to other cultures around the world, and it even makes fictional characters a little more life-like! A recipe can transport you to a different time, place, or into a fictional universe (butterbeer anyone?).

Everyone Eats

What we eat says a lot about us. We can learn about others through their recipes, and experience a little piece of someone else’s reality in our lives simply by cooking. Food can bring things to life that otherwise only exist in our dreams and imaginations.

I think that’s why I like cooking SO much! It’s a way to explore the world, even when you can’t physically get out there.


Are you ready to leave your cooking-comfort zone?

Good!  Because I put together five recipes that will take you on a 26,500-mile around-the-world adventure, over the course of five days.  Sign up HERE for free, or just submit your email in the box to the top-right of this page.

After you submit your email, you’ll get a recipe each day, for the next five days, that will transport you to five new cultures around the world. You’ll end up globetrotting across 26,500 miles, without ever leaving your kitchen, and I’ll also keep you updated on other adventures and recipes in the future.

The only way to access these recipes is by email — they won’t be posted on my blog.

Ready to start your culinary adventure around the world? Let’s go!


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Valerie Marak · December 10, 2017 at 2:50 am

Hi Kristen…
Love the blog name.
Let’s see what you’ve got!

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