Packing for the Azores

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Summer flew by and I was completely MIA. Now that the cooler, rainier weather is back, you’ll be seeing more of me around here. You’ll recall from my PNW packing post that I do quite a bit of research before packing for vacation. Donald and I are now getting ready for 9 days in the Azores, which means it’s time to think about Packing for the Azores!

After lots of googling and pinteresting, I failed to find much fashion advice for the Azores, but plenty of advice for Europe, and capsule wardrobes, and this post on packing for Portugal (the Azores are technically part of Portugal, even thought hey are hundreds of miles away, in the middle of the atlantic!).  I combined these bits and pieces, and put together this super-basic,  super-safe packing list on Polyvore based on my favorite pieces from my closet. I stuck to the basics – a solid pallet, with just a couple choice accent colors, so that everything matches everything else.

The Azorian weather can be unpredictable, especially this time of year: rainy, sunny, chilly, windy, sweltering .. all in one day! Layers are a must.

Donald and I also have fun activities planned like horseback riding, hiking, thermal pool hopping, touring cities and cultural sites, and exploring the nightlife, so we’ll need clothes that can go from one activity to the next, without sticking out.

Here is what I came up with:



UPDATE: Check my post about What to Wear in the Azores for more details on what to pack and what to wear.





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