American Farmhouse Saison: Part Deux

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Remember when Donald (head brewer) and I (the assistant) brewed that farmhouse saison months ago? We’ll it has FINALLY reached final gravity (about 1.01), and we racked it into secondary.


It wasn’t that easy. Saison yeast likes warmer temperatures, around 80 degrees, much like myself. We had to put the brew in the bathroom with a space heater on it for two weeks to get that yeast moving. I haven’t yet seen the electric bill  but this beer better be worth it. We were far too optimist about New England’s early May weather.

All together, the beer spent about 5 weeks in primary fermentation.

While racking it, Donald snuck a taste of the warm, flat brow liquid. He quickly came to the conclusion that this saison might be the best batch he’s ever brewed (ever!).


Don racked the liquid into a glass carboy for secondary, steering clear of the hop/yeast sludge on the bottom, and added 1/2 oz each of Sirachi Ace and Amarillo hop pellets before popping on the airlock.

The beer needs to sit for another 2 weeks or so to soak up all that hope flavor. At that point, we’ll rack it again and bottle it! Check back in June for my post on bottling.


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