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Hola! Welcome to my blog. If you end up reading it you’ll learn all about my kitchen antics and cocktail whims, wild ideas about mindful living and DIYing my life, and probably some tangents about being a millennial in the great city of Boston.Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 9.37.20 PM

A little about who I am: I’ll try to keep my work out of it, but I have a pretty ridiculously awesome job (my dream job), and an amazing boyfriend. He has a self-proclaimed “exquisite pallet” and his kitchen experiments rival mine. Fun fact: He and I were born 4 hours apart! Now you know.

This blog isn’t serious, it’s more like a repository for things I like and do that others might find useful.  Or maybe not. But if it is useful please share, pin, post, tweet, snap, ‘gram, and whatever else kids are doing these days.


One last thing: Please don’t correct my grammar or spelling. I was not an English major. I majored in neuroscience and art. What kind of word is blog anyway? (seriously. english majors, I want to know!)



Thanks for reading. Cheers.



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