3 Cruise Destinations Where you’ll Find Winter Sun

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There is nothing quite like being out on the open sea, heading for a sunny beach paradise and dolphin spotting along the way. Cruising has always been a popular choice for many holiday-goers as there is very little planning that needs to be done. You get your accommodation, travel, and far-flung destinations all in one package without the headache that usually accompanies the long waits at the airport and trying to find appropriate transfers to your hotel on the other side.

Cruises are a great way of meeting people, as you’ll be sharing the ship with travellers from all over the world, and many cruises hold in excess of 3,000 passengers – without even feeling the slightest bit crowded. If you are currently planning a sunny holiday for this winter, and a cruise is looking like a top choice, then here are a few destinations where you can get some sun during the cold winter months.


Halong Bay, Vietnam

Halong Bay cruises lets you visit Vietnam’s most famous seascapes – recognized as a World Heritage site – all from the comfort of five-star luxury. You can view the limestone pinnacles all from the comfort of a sun lounger, or if you would like to immerse yourself in Vietnamese culture, you could hop off your cruise onto a tourist boat to get a closer look at many of the attractions Halong Bay has to offer. One of the more popular attractions being the stunning caves – Hang Dau Go and Hang Thien Cung. If you are more of a thrill seeker you can even take a kayak trip to delve deeper into these hidden wonders – just be sure that you are accompanied by a guide.

Top Destinations For Your 2018 Summer Cruise Getaway | riseandbrine.com

The Bahamas

A cruise destination guide would not be complete without this tropical paradise destination. If swaying palm trees and soft, white sandy beaches sound more like your cup of tea, then do not look any further – this is your dream cruise. Of course, the Bahamas include many islands, so you may want to do some research into what island(s) you want to visit most and find a cruise that is compatible.

Many cruise lines provide gear for you to use during your shore time. Snorkelling gear, paddle boards, inflatables etc. can sometimes be rented from the ship, or at kiosks near the beach. The things you can count on most with a cruise to the Bahamas are beautiful views, relaxation, and sun.

Top Destinations For Your 2018 Summer Cruise Getaway | riseandbrine.com


With epic volcanoes and plenty of activities for the adrenaline craving traveller, Mexico is a location with something for everyone. You can cage dive into the Pacific with the great white sharks, or fly high above Mexico in a hot air balloon for a view unlike any other. If you are more of a quiet culture seeker, Mexico has raved about museums and stunning National Parks. You shoudl plan your shore destinations in advance since there are so many options. As soon as the cruise in is the dock, you will be ready to all that this spectacular destination has to offer.                                                     

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So, there you have it. A few destinations that may be quite hard to choose from – you may even want to make a cruise bucket list and tackle these over the next couple of years! Whichever destination is your choice for this year, you’re sure to have an amazing time.

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3 Cruise Destinations Where You'll Find Winter Sun

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