Why China is on my 2018 bucket list

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Why China?

China is a huge country – nearly the size of the United States with terrain and people just as varied and diverse. There is plenty to see and experience in this rising world power and it would be great to understand the culture and the country a bit more, beyond what we see on the news and travel sites.

It’s a beautiful country with a long and rich history and culture, making it one of those places that absolutely must be on your bucket list. And there’s no better time than 2018!

Why China is on my 2018 Bucket List | riseandbrine.com

Take a Bamboo Raft Down the Li River in Guilin

The city of Guilin is certainly one of the most beautiful cities in China, and arguably one of the most beautiful on the planet. One of the best ways to see the mountainous landscape is on a bamboo raft ride down the River Li, where you’ll be able to take in the moss covered rocks and mountains while listening to the slow rush of the water below you. 

Hiking the Great Wall

The Great wall of china is one of the few manmade structures that is visible from space. But did you know you can also hike and camp along the great wall? There are many hikes you can do near Beijing, this hike looks like an easy day hike, while there are many multi-day hikes you can do if you pack your camping gear.

Hiking the Great Wall | riseandbrine.com

Act in a Chinese Movie

China, and Hong Kong, in particular, has a thriving film industry. Getting a part in a Chinese film as a foreigner also seems to be fairly easy! There is high demand, and according to this site, you just need to look foreign and know a small amount of Chinese.

Chinese Etiquette

Miles from western standards, Chinese etiquette turns-around everything you knew about being polite in America. This drastic change in behavioral norms will make you more aware of your own habits and manners. These ten tips give an overview of the most common etiquette mistakes that westerners make when visiting China.  For instance, you may be invited to dinner, and even though you might have taken the time to find the best guang dong hotel with a great restaurant and facilities, you should accept the invitation (after a little polite resistance) unless you honestly have a very important engagement. 

Shanghai Old Town

This 1000 year old city gives you the sense of what life was like centuries ago. Many of the ancient buildings are still standing and functional, including a beautiful temple and garden.

Chinese Food Culture | riseandbrine.com

Chinese Food Culture

There are a wide variety of food cultures within China – many you might have heard of: Szechuan, Cantonese – and many you probably haven’t. Guilin is known for it’s rice fields – and it’s rice noodles. There are many rice noodle shops around Guilin offering a variety of dishes made with rice noodles. If you  love noodles, this is a must.  Macau is an interesting (and delicious-sounding!) mix of Cantonese and Portuguese, is based in the “Las Vegas of China” – a glitzy, vibrant sea-side city of casinos and lights that was previous occupied by the Portuguese.


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Hiking the Great Wall | riseandbrine.com


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