Secrets of Staying Hydrated

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Water is the most basic health and beauty product on the planet. Thanks to H2O, the skin glistens, the muscles work perfectly, and the brain keeps firing. There’s no doubt it’s an essential part of anyone’s diet, especially if you are looking to be healthier. Still, the vast majority of people don’t drink the recommended amount of two liters of fluid per day. 

Summer is here in its full strength and therefore dehydration is one of the major problems associated with this season. Hence, it is important to always stay hydrated. While regular intake of water and fluids is vital for remaining hydrated, there are some foods that could also help with staying hydrated.

We are happy to share information about 15 different types of foods that could play a big role in helping you to stay hydrated when you aren’t drinking water all the time.


Before you go swapping water for foods, you need to know that the BEST way to stay hydrated is to drink good ol’ water. If water just isn’t your thing, take a look at the common excuses below, and how to make sure you are getting enough hydration.

Tap Water Tastes Funny

Water straight from the faucet can taste a little funky, and that’s a fact. The reason is that it contains chemicals such as fluoride which impact the flavor. Also, the filters aren’t as effective as natural springs so there are other elements too. Just because it tastes different doesn’t mean it’s bad. Bottled water may be better for your palate, but all those plastic bottles are wasteful and awful for the environment. A simple tap filter can fix this problem and give you extra clean, great tasting water on demand. Another neat trick is to opt for lemon, cucumber, stawberry, or watermelon water infusion to disguise the chlorine flavor.



I’m Not Thirsty

Thirst is a terrible indicator of dehydration. By the time the receptors in the throat and mouth realize they need a drink, it’s too late. The color of urine (ewww but also true) is a far better indicator because anything which is too yellow is a bad sign. Also, people only tend to drink fluids when they eat because food dries out the mouth. Considering the average person has three square meals a day, there aren’t enough servings to keep your hydration levels high enough. People who drink enough of H2O tend to remind themselves to fill up a glass. Some even carry a bottle everywhere they go so that they have a supply regardless of their plans.


It’s Boring

This isn’t a TV show! Sure, water always tastes the same. But, you’re not drinking it because of the taste or the fact it makes you look like a cool kid. You’re drinking it because, if you don’t, the body will shut down within three days. Keep that in mind and you’ll forget all about the monotony of water. If this danger isn’t enough, you can add excitement by getting creative. We already talked about infused water, but don’t forget about carbonated flavored water (without sugar!) and unsweetened tea. A cup of tea is a fantastic way to get a healthy helping of H2O. Just make sure these are sugar-free. Drinking sugary beverages actually dehydrates you since your body needs water to process and eliminate sugar.


I Never Remember

Water is often taken for granted, which means the western world treats it with disrespect. Apart from wasting it on a daily basis, it’s also common to find people forgetting to take advantage of the clean water coming out of the tap. Simply turn the faucet and out it comes, yet a lot of people still forget to drink enough. The trick is to set markers throughout the day which encourages you to consume as much as possible. For example, you might think about having a glass an hour before a meal. Another great piece of advice is to always start the morning with a glass of H2O. Not only does it create a routine, but it has a positive impact on the metabolism and replaces water lost over night. 


I Prefer…

There’s not a person in the world that only prefers to drink water and nothing else. If this were the case, Pepsi and Coke wouldn’t be two of the best selling drinks in the world. However, alternatives tend not to be healthy as they contain everything from sugars to fats and carbs. A Coke Zero might seem like a good option, but it still has plenty of chemicals which the body needs to break down. And to do so, it needs lots of water. Beer is another example.  Alcohol impacts the vital organs and water levels. To get it out of the body, you have to drink extra H2O so the liver can process and eliminate the alcohol. Water is essential to handle anything else you put into your body.

Now what do you say? Will you drink more water?



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